"Abbey Roadtrip" Art on Canvas

"Abbey Roadtrip"
"Abbey Roadtrip"
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Product Description

A 12" x 48" work of art on canvas using the Giclee process of printing, titled: "Abbey Road". Click on image to enlarge.

This is one of David's musical group series in which the Beatles are walking down the familiar Abbey Road. Behind them, there's a bevy of familiar images from their past. What Beatles fan can resist having this piece of art with so many reminders of moments in the fabled history of the "Fab Four".

First issued on 26th September, 1969, Abbey Road was the final Beatles album to be recorded but not their last to be released. For the first time on a Beatles album, the front cover contained neither the group's name nor the album title just that iconic photograph taken on the zebra crossing near the entrance to the studios in London NW8 in August 1969. Abbey Road entered the British album chart at no.1 in October and stayed there for a total of seventeen of its 81 weeks in the chart. In the US, it spent eleven weeks at #1 during its initial chart stay of 83 weeks.

This work is printed using the Giclee process to produce a museum-quality piece. Only prints that adhere to strict printmaking standards can be called a Giclee. We enhance the Giclee printing process by using canvas to simulate the original. We also create art using a gallery wrap which extends the art along the depth of the frame used for a modern feel and the flexibility of hanging with or without an external frame.

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