David Illustrates His Adventures as a Kid!

"Being a Kid" Prints by David
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The "Being a Kid" prints are best-selling pieces of art in the galleries offering David's work. We are excited to make many of the most sought-after prints available to INFORM browsers (11" x 17"). Buy your favorites today and they will become immediate conversation starters when your guests talk about their childhood experiences — all the adventures and funny moments that prove we are all connected through the magic of being children.

These illustrations are now included in a book published by David titled: “The Art of Being a Kid” – a collection of 80 such vignettes. You may buy a copy of this book on our web site. These drawings were created to give David's sons a perspective on how to be a kid and they are based on his experiences using a simple style that his young son could follow.

While we show just a few of his "Being a Kid" prints in this section, all 80 illustrations included in "The Art of Being a Kid" book can be obtained as 11" x 17" prints. Those not specifically shown are available by clicking on the Other "Being a Kid" Prints logo below and selecting the "Page Number from the 'Art of Being a Kid' Book" for illustration you want and clicking on "Add to Cart" button. This will add that selection to the items you want to buy (if other prints are desired, repeat and identify other page numbers for prints you want).

So get ready to be enchanted with these prints that look into the life of being a kid. It’ll bring back memories from your youth. They're great for anyone with kids — or for anyone who enjoyed being a kid themselves…

A walk down memory lane!

"Bike Jump"
The "Bike Jump" print is one of nearly 100 vignettes drawn from the boyhood experiences of the artist, David Gildersleeve. How many of us in our younger years have thought about taking a flying leap on our bikes just for the thrill of soaring into the far reaches of space. Of course, most of us have not given in to such urges, but David expresses that excitement in this illustration from his collection of "Being a Kid" vignettes. Click for more information and to order.
"But Dad Said"
The "But Dad Said" print is a cautionary tale from the experiences of the young David Gildersleeve. How many of us in our youth have not picked up on something said by "Dad" that turned out to be less than acceptable to "Mom". We learn from those experiences to be judicious in what expressions we repeat that might be OK(?) when said by Dad – but that as a boy growing up, we are not "Dad". Click for more information and to order.
The "Stargazer" print expresses the wonder of a young boy when he looks up into the night time sky and realizes that the universe is vast and really beautiful, and that his place in the totality of the universe is really very small. And maybe this is when he begins dreaming of the future that awaits him as he grows to manhood. Click for more information and to order.
"Slow Death at Mall"
The "Slow Death at Mall" print recalls those endless trips to the store when "Mom" shopped for an article of clothing. Each garment she looked at was seemingly just-not-right, and as a co-shopper who expressed approval whenever asked, she became suspicious when I seemed to like them all. When she finally asked if I was ready to go, I eagerly woke from a Rip-Van-Winkle-like trance and raced out the door. Click for more information and to order.
"Blind Mans Bluff"
The "Blind Mans Bluff" print illustrates the reason why my little sister is suspicious when I suggest we do something together. A favorite game when we were younger was hide and seek. It's not that little sisters are gullible and trusting, it's that little boys will always be little boys. I'm sure she didn't appreciate my wandering off. I've been trying to regain her trust ever since. Click for more information and to order.
"Dead Rabbit"
The "Dead Rabbit" print portrays our hapless little sister again. This time, she's not impressed when our hero wants to give her a close-up view of the remains he found of a rabbit who has seen better days. And, of course, being chased by the carcass on a stick just makes things worse. How do little boys think of doing such things? Click for more information and to order.
"Lightning Bugs"
Lightning bugs hold a particular fascination for young boys and this print reminds us of those special moments. They are magical as they flicker during the evening hours and appear and disappear at will. How can these tiny flying insects illuminate their surroundings and why? Click here for more information and to order.
The swing holds a special attraction for a kid as we swing ever higher and eventually jump from the apex of our upward swing to see if we can go farther than we did before. Then we land not as far from the swing as we had hoped, and we return to reality — but we quickly overcome that momentary gloom, and get back on the swing to do it all over again. Click for more information and to order.
"Darn Acorn"
Speeding down the sidewalk on his skateboard is thrilling as the kid exercises control and skill in going from here to there. But when a wayward acorn on the walk ahead causes an instant redirection of the board while the kid is headed elsewhere, the result is not pleasant. Click for more information and to order.
"The Artist"
As a young artist, David was very much appreciated by his mom. Every drawing he gave her, ended up in mom's "gallery" — prominently displayed for all to see on the refrigerator. Looking back, those early "masterpieces" may not have all been worthy of such prominence, but according to "mom", they were! Click for more information and to order.
At the swimming pool, sisters are a favorite target and are subject to splashing, squirting, and other forms of taunting, but by far their favorite form of "fun" at the pool is the "CANNONBALL". In reality, the cannonball simply reflects a boy's love of being able to make a big splash and be the center of attention, and their sister gives them a good excuse to be a "boy". Click for more information and to order.
"Bike Splash"
There is nothing more fun for a boy than riding his bike through the rain, especially if there's a depression that fills with water to ride through. I can envision the joy in this print expressed by the kid as he waits anxiously for puddles to form that can be the target of bike riding adventures. Is it really so bad to get a little wet? Click for more information and to order.
It's a hot afternoon during Summer. Boys are home looking for adventure. Then they turn on the sprinkler and the water shoots upward and outward, just inviting kids to run through and jump around in the cool spray. What could be better? Click for more information and to order.
"Slip 'n Slide"
Our hero, the kid, carefully envisions how to proceed, looking down the slope at the sheet of plastic stretched out before him, wet with running water. All goes well until he slips off the fun part into the rough lawn that makes him itch all over. Then he runs back up the slope to do it again. Click for more information and to order.
Other "Being a Kid" Prints
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