"Black Scratch" - One of the "Crazy Lady" Series

"Black Scratch"
"Black Scratch"
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Another of the strange characters in David's World as illustrated in the print titled: "Black Scratch". In this painting, our weird lady is smiling in a manner that is often used in this series. Could it be that she is smiling at YOU? (Click on image to enlarge it.)

13" x 19" with a foam core backing.


This print is one in a series of "Crazy Lady" paintings which are similar in style and bear an uncanny similarity to the strange women of one's imagination. They reflect David's whimsical style and his quirky view of the universe. Much like Pablo Picasso, David doesn't rely on conventional depictions of people in this series of paintings. They are distinguished by the wild hair and ethereal gown sported by a prim and proper lady, and the aloofness of any other characters involved. As a hanging, they add color to any room and stimulate conversation as viewers speculate on the identity of the lady and the sanity of the artist.

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