A Cutting Edge Experience … and Other Tales by an Old Codger Named Jim

A Cutting Edge Experience … and Other Tales by an Old Codger Named Jim
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An old codger’s take on this book:

I like to create stories that might amuse family and friends. Included are individual tales on subjects from personal experiences that aroused my curiosity or tickled my ‘funny bone’.

Charlie Adams – Man of Intrigue. Tales of a mysterious government operative undertaking assignments that create interesting reading. Joe Gilbertson – Secret Agent. Tales of how Joe might have created, maintained and exercised his double identity.

This collection of my writings hopefully will tell those following in our family footsteps that I enjoyed putting pen to paper – that is, fingers to keyboard – to tell tales in an interesting manner. Not that I am a great writer, but that it gave me pleasure to create vignettes that give an indication of imagination.

If nothing else, I put these tales out there to be read for a reader’s pleasure. It also might suggest that my ‘quietness’ in life does not … did not … reflect an inability to put words together to tell a story.

Beyond simply seeking to be remembered, I really enjoy writing about happenings in my life, and on other themes, that might amuse family and friends. Such tales are written and dispersed under the guise of “it’s easier to send a written narrative than to verbalize my thoughts”. It also allows me to create a somewhat intricate plot in a more believable manner – and lets me ‘adjust’ story ‘facts’ to make it more readable.

I happen to think you will get as much a kick out of my tales as I do. I’ve read these tales, and loved them. So please humor me and pat me on the head and say: “Good job, Jim … best book I’ve read … ever!”

…no bias here!

147 pages.

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