Who Said A Daily Journal Couldn't Be Amusing?

The Daily Journal of an Old Codger Named Jim
The Daily Journal of an Old Codger Named Jim
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This is an amusing collection of daily thoughts and remembrances by the author for the 153 days in July to November 2021. It was begun as a way to gather ideas for writing new stories. As they became more than simple ramblings, he found that they were being read and were in themselves smile provoking. So rather than letting them languish in the bowels of his computer he made a deliberate effort to regularly write these anecdotes as standalone short, short tales. He shared the better ones with his kids as a way to keep in touch with them, and also incorporated them into letters being written to friends. So what you have here is a look into the jumbled mind of this old codger who tried to be coherent each day when he thought about what to share. Some are simple memories of actual activities, but others soar off into the world of fiction. Itís been an enjoyable exercise for an aging writer of questionable talent who hopes you might enjoy a look into his world!

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