"Blind Mans Bluff" - One of the "Being a Kid" Series

"Blind Mans Bluff"
"Blind Mans Bluff"
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The "Blind Mans Bluff" print is one of nearly 100 vignettes drawn from the boyhood experiences of the artist, David Gildersleeve. This book is based on "actual" events. Click image to enlarge.

This illustration shows you why a little sister might be suspicious when her brother suggests they do something together. A favorite game when these two were younger was blind-mans-bluff. As the seeker (sis) searched diligently, the kid grew increasingly bored and wandered outside to play something else.

It’s not that little sisters are gullible and trusting, it’s that little boys will always be little boys. I’m sure she didn’t appreciate it when the kid wandered off leaving her to search fruitlessly, but she was always a “good sport” and agreed to play when next he suggested something “fun”.

The kid’s been trying to ingratiate himself to her ever since.

What boy wouldn’t smile when thinking of the games played while growing up. I can’t help but think: “I was probably that boy, too!”

This print (11" x 17") is foam-core backed and suitable for framing and is perfect for hanging in a boy's room. What boy wouldn't get a chuckle from this look at one of the games played when growing up. I can't help but think: "I was that boy!"

A walk down memory lane!

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