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How to Deal with External Auditors … A Basic Guide for Employees  (DVD & Learning Guide)
How to Deal with External Auditors … A Basic Guide for Employees (DVD & Learning Guide)
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Product Description

The How to Deal with External Auditors video training program gives your employees a simple, clear explanation of what to expect and how to interact with external auditors. It will make an external audit less threatening explaining how an external audit can be an opportunity for each employee to help make his or her organization more efficient and competitive. The program will help prepare your employees so that an external audit is not viewed with apprehension, but rather as an opportunity to show how good your organization really is. It is 22 minutes in length.

The video is presented in a straight forward, no nonsense manner by Jack West and Charlie Cianfrani who have been training auditors and conducting audits for many years. Jack was the long time Chair of the US Technical Advisory Group and the lead US delegate to ISO/TC 176 which produced the ISO 9000 family of standards. Charlie has been for many years a US expert delegate to ISO/TC 176 within the working group that wrote ISO 9001/4. Together, they wrote and are featured in this video program.

In addition to the video, the package includes a Learning Guide which follows the text of the video, extracts key points from video, gives viewers space for taking notes, asks questions to stimulate thinking and has a quiz to test viewers’ retention of the material (order extra copies to provide each employee with a personal copy for reference).

This video training program will help create employee buy-in to your management system efforts and contribute to a corporate culture which will be conducive for continually improving your company’s management system. Use the program in a classroom session or with individual new hire employees.

The sections of this video include: • Introduction • What is an external quality audit • What should an employee expect during an audit • How should employees interact with auditors • and a Conclusion.

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