Pick One or Several INFORM Videos and Upload to Your Internal Intranet System for Company-Wide Viewing.

License for MP4 Version of Videos
License for MP4 Version of Videos
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Make INFORM videos available for viewing on your internal intranet system (e.g., LMS) and your employees can obtain an understanding of management systems you use at their convenience from wherever they are located as often as they want. This is an economical way to strengthen your employees understanding of your systems and gain their more effective involvement. This is a service we offer to customers located in the USA.

Simply purchase a license for the INFORM videos you need! With the purchase of a license, you will be able to upload INFORM videos (using an MP4 version that we will provide) to your network with no expiration to this authority. However, you must agree to not export this video, sell copies, or use it for the benefit of people external to your organization. Upon receipt of your payment, INFORM will E-Mail you a copy of the PAID Invoice signifying the issuance of license and an MP4 version of this video (via dropbox). License is effective immediately upon receipt of fee. Payment of fee signifies your acceptance of conditions cited in agreement.

The cost of such a license is USD $1,345.00 per DVD Course. If you previously purchased a DVD for the video you want to upload to evaluate the program, we will deduct the cost of the DVD from the cost of the network license. Simply send us an e-mail (admin@INFORMintl.com) telling us when you purchased the DVD once confirmed, we will deduct the DVD cost when we process the license purchase.


LICENSE: We offer our customers the option of buying a license for uploading individual INFORM videos for $1,345.00 (USD). This license will authorize an organization to upload the specific licensed INFORM video to their local intranet for internal viewing. The organization must agree to not export this video, sell copies, or use it for the benefit of people external to their organization (e.g., video cannot be used by training companies selling their services to outside clients). License is effective immediately upon receipt of fee and there is no expiration date to its application. Once fee is received, customer will be sent an MP4 version of video for uploading to their intranet training system.


You should note that uploading a copy of our videos without obtaining a license from INFORM would be a violation of our copyright.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION ONCE MP4 HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO CUSTOMER. If you have a question regarding the appropriateness of video, please order a DVD copy to review before you order the license/MP4 copy. If video meets your needs and you then order the license/MP4, the cost of DVD will be deducted from the cost of license as noted above.

For more information, call (919) 699-7581 or e-mail admin@informintl.com