"Slip 'n Slide" — One of the "Being a Kid" Series

"Slip 'n Slide"
"Slip 'n Slide"
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The "Slip 'n Slide" print is one of nearly 100 vignettes in the "Being a Kid" series drawn from the boyhood experiences of the artist, David Gildersleeve. This print is based on "actual" events. Click image to enlarge.

Our hero, the kid, carefully envisions how to proceed, looking down the slope at the sheet of plastic stretched out before him, wet with running water. He spots where he will initially throw himself, aiming his body down the center of the plastic, and finally he’s running full speed so as to enjoy a complete slide down the hill.

But, then he realizes he may have been going too fast, for the grassy patch at the end of the plastic looms — and then he’s off the fun part into the rough lawn that makes him itch all over.

After a moment of disappointment, he jumps up laughing and runs up the slope, saying: “My turn … my turn … I want to do it again!”

We all laugh when we look at this illustration and remember the good times we had during Summer as a kid. No question: “I was once that boy!”

This print (11" x 17") is foam-core backed and suitable for framing, and is perfect for hanging in a boy's room. They will laugh when they look at the print and remember the good times had during Summer as a kid. Perhaps you also remember those days.

A walk down memory lane!

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