The Whimsical Art of David Gildersleeve

G-sleeve Art
Sadly, David passed away in October of 2019. He will be missed!

We remain committed to the works of David Gildersleeve on our web site for your buying consideration. We think he's a unique artist with a style that captivates the viewer in a way many of us can relate to. Click on each item/collection shown below for more information and to order.

David is an artist, illustrator and story teller known for his whimsical nature and wonky style. He has lately added several books equally intriguing to his achievements. While many of the art works offered here are prints of his original art, they are of high quality and suitable for framing and hanging by the most discriminating collectors of unique art by talented and soon-to-be-if-not-already-famous artist.

We are excited to be offering on our website David's four books: "The Art of Being a Kid", "A Number of Monsters", "Otto, The Guard Octopus", and "I Was Once That Kid". These have were recently published and are already strong sellers in their limited distribution. Check them out! We're sure they will become favorites with your family.

Add any of David's art to your shopping basket now and enjoy the great reaction you'll see when you bring them in your home or work place. They're fascinating!

Who Is David
David paints subjects that invade his subconscious, using a wonky style to help bring these images to life. Using textures and a selective palette, David creates an unmistakable style in his work that most people refer to as “whimsical”. He has also recently started writing and illustrating children’s books. Sadly, David passed away in October of 2019. He will be missed! Click to find more information on David, the artist.
"Art on Canvas" by David
Click here to view a number of art on canvas pieces that celebrate the genius of David's favorite musical groups and other subjects. These are long canvases (12" x 48") on which David makes use of an unbalanced style that draws the viewers eye from one side to the other. Each work is printed using the Giclee process to produce a museum-quality piece.
"Being a Kid" Prints by David
We are excited to make many of the most sought-after "Being a Kid" prints available to INFORM browsers. Buy your favorites today and they will become immediate conversation starters when your guests talk about their childhood experiences — all the adventures and funny moments that prove we are all connected through the magic of being children. Click for more information and to order.
"Books" by David
Click here and you will find the books by David Gildersleeve that employ the same whimsical art style as used in his other works of art. They're fun to read and nothing like anything you can find by any other authors/illustrators. Your kids will like them. YOU will like them!
"Crazy Lady" Prints by David
Here are a grouping of prints from David's "Crazy Lady" series of paintings which are similar in style and bear an uncanny similarity to the strange women of one's imagination. They reflect David's whimsical style and his quirky view of the universe. Click for more information and to order.
"World of Jazz" Prints by David
Another segment of David’s music collection is from the world of jazz, and these prints are showing up in the recreation and music rooms of many homes worldwide. He has pieces that depict base fiddlers, guitarists, pianists, trumpeters, trombonists … something for everyone.
"Winter Council"
This is a print of David's "Winter Council" which won first place in a recent art show. It is a bold portrait of his gentlemen in winter attire, sporting their signature top hats. From the central character with his distinctive monocle to his compatriots with their assortment of mustaches and beards, these are certainly very merry gentlemen. Click for more information and to order.
"A Cold Day in London"
David's print of "A Cold Day in London" shows his "top-hatted gents" sauntering along through the fog of a London evening. The ghost-like images appear to float through time – with Big Ben in the background to set the locale. We offer a 13" x 19" print of this painting. Click for more information and to order.
"Blues Brothers"
Who can forget the Blues Brothers? They were two unique characters from the 1980 movie of that name who stumbled their way through efforts to help the boarding school in which they were raised, and we laughed all the way. Their "mission from God" was captivating. Click for more information and to order.
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